Terms of Use

     Welcome to Modernair.co.th, Modern Air Co., Ltd’s official website, made available for online purchases of our products and services. We kindly request that our customer read and comply with website’s Terms of Use. Any activities which have been done on this website shall be deemed that you accept the legal binding as specified herewith in all respects. In this regards, Modern Air reserves the rights to change the Terms of Use without prior notice.
     Moderair.co.th would like to inform its customer that all of our content including: texts, images, sounds, content, service trademarks, trade name, and any other information presented on this site belong solely and legally to Modernair.co.th and are protected under the Intellectual Property Laws of Thailand. Any attempt to impersonate, reproduce, modify, copies, publicly distribute, or otherwise in any commercial exploitation or misuse of the above intellectual property without any written permission from Modernair.co.th or the trademark owner, will immediately results in termination of the user right of uses. Additionally,  the company reserves the right to proceed with the legal proceeding against the infringer.

Links to other website
     Modernair.co.th contains links to third-party websites beyond the supervision of Modern Air. Therefore, the company would like to inform its user that the company shall not be responsible for any content, advertisements, products, and services that may cause any damage to its users. The company would also kindly recommend users to read and follow all terms and condition of the linked websites.

     Regarding membership registration, all members must provides accurate and up to date personal information. If there is any changes in member’s information, the provided personal information must be updated. All Modernaironlione.com members must be at least 18 years old to purchase any product or services provided by the company’s website. In addition, each user is allowed to have only one user account Any violation of the conditions may cause suspension of the user account, denied the right to obtain promotions and may be charged, or fine under the criminal law.

Terms of Sale and Purchase
     Product and service purchase order is considered complete upon full payment of the amount stated for the subjected product and services. Acknowledgements of terms, condition and promotion given upon purchasing is required. In addition, promotion (sales promotion) offered is only valid for online purchase via Modermair.co.th and cannot be applied for purchases of products at Modern Air branches.
     Direct warranty of purchased products shall be given by the manufacturer/distributor (business partner) of the product. Contacts regarding product conditions under the warrantee terms can be made directly to manufacturer/distributor of the product.
     The price specified in the Modernair.co.th does not include installation fee. Additional installation service is available for purchase upon request.

Shipping terms
1. Product will be delivered once proof of payment has been received.   
2. Products will be delivered according to their given order number. Items within the same order number may be shipped separately as appropriated.
3. Products will only be shipped to the address listed in the shipping address provided by the customer. The shipping address cannot be changed once the delivery is confirmed.
4. We reserve the right not to ship to PO Boxes.
5. We reserve the right to not ship to the area deemed inappropriate by the company. 
6. Delivery period may varies due to circumstances.
7. If shipments are not received 3 days after the confirmed delivery date please immediately notify the Call Center.
8. For your benefit, please check the product upon received for any issue regarding the shipment. If any issue is found, please notify the Call Center immediately.
9. Delivery services are provided only to the registered address within the Kingdom of Thailand.
10. In the case of delayed delivery due to customer or representative not being present at the delivery address without 1 day prior notice (3 pm) of the confirmed delivery date, an additional transportation fee of 200 THB will be charge in order to reschedule the shipment.
11. If additional manpower is required due to difficulties at the delivery/installation address, an additional payment of 350 THB per additional manpower will be charged.
12. Modern Air reserves the rights to change the shipping terms without prior notice.

Cancellation caused by errors
     Modern Air Co., Ltd. has the right to cancel an order at anytime if there are any inaccuracies due to typographical or unforeseen errors. In the event of cancellation after the payment for the order has been received, the company will issue the full refund for the product amount in question.

     You fully understand and agree as follows: All material provided in this website is “as is” and may contain inaccuracy, in term of content and spelling.You hereby understand and agree that material and data you obtain and use from the website will be at your own discretion. We reserve the right to modify any errors or omissions in this website at any time. Thus any website materials, details and description of the product, service program, and prices shown in the website may be modified without prior notices.
     By using Modernair.co.th, please complete your details and personal information for registration process. Moreover, you must set up your own password by yourself, and are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password.
     Any order placing for goods and services on this website by you, your representative or the unauthorized third parties who use your password in order to buy goods and services with your consent or by your improvident/ negligence action, you, as the owner of the password, agree to accept responsibility for all activities in all respects that occur under your account and password without any dispute or claim.
     Under the terms and conditions of this website, if you make a payment for goods and services by using credit card that belongs to others without their authorization, including any payment on goods and services that does not correspond with the credit card’s owner intention, and we are disclaimed by the owner or the bank/issuer of the credit card resulting in goods and services unpaid, you must take full responsibility for the goods or services and other damages that may occur and the company reserves the rights to file a lawsuit.
     We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without notice. You agree to review the terms and condition regularly. Continued access and use of this website is an acknowledgment and acceptance of any changes.

     User agrees to indemnify the damage and expenses incurred as a result of breaching the terms of uses and /or any other act relating to the user's account due to neglect, negligence, or illegal conduct and users will also not hold Modern Air co., Ltd., (or any employee of the company, executives, product manufacturers, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and legal partners) liable from any claims and demand including attorneys' fees incurred.

Membership ending / revocation
     In case of any damage to the website or other users, the user agrees to indemnify for all damage cause of their action. The company reserves the right to immediately revoke the membership if the company has any reason to believe that the member/user commits what appears to be improper, illegal, and contrary to good morals without prior notice.

     Modern Air Co., Ltd., does not warrant, certify, or represent any of its user on their content, opinions, advice or their warranty appearing in our web site (whether express or implied). This includes your personal information or your followers who have been sent through our system.